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The Power Package Plugins

Website Performance Plugin

Perform Pro

With the Perform Pro Plugin we scan your website and isolate specific points relevant to speed up your website.
As a result you get happy visitors who can move quickly through the website due to faster loading pages, higher PageSpeed scores and a higher SERP.


With the SEO Pro Plugin your website has a virtual personal-assistant always keeping an eye on your sites Search Engine Optimization and ranking. From this we can effectively optimise your website and you are informed of actions in the monthly reports. 
Take the mystery out of the equation and get down to facts.
TAC Security Plugin

Security Pro

With the Security Pro Plugin we add a layer of security to your website that effectively keeps hackers, bots, brute force attacks out and your website protected. 
Your site is scanned on schedule and threats handled, masking and protection of login and two-factor authentication. 
Good website security is not only good for your data, but also helps your search ranking - since a safe site is a good site and more likely to rank higher.
TAC Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro

With the Analytics Pro Plugin you are always on top of the situation with constant updates to how your site is doing, how it is ranking, how many people are visiting, how long to do they stay, what brought them to your site and much more. 
Analytics gives you a superior vantage-point from which to improve your site and your business out-reach.

Forms Pro

With the Forms Pro Plugin you open the door to getting feedback and reaches from your visitors and clients. 
Not only can we help you set up your custom Contact Forms, but also Feedback Forms, Survey Forms, Poll Forms to get your clients opinions or an online quiz to encourage your visitors to engage with your website and services. It's all possible.
TAC Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro

With the Marketing Pro Plugin you are ready to run your online marketing with style - and smart.
Marketing Pro integrates with your preferred email provider and gives you a better overview and control on pop-ups, social shares and slide-ins on your website. Additionally it helps bypass ad blockers and in turn block spam from crowding into your inbox with the effective Google ReCAPTCHA.
TAC Image Optimization

Optimize Pro

With the Optimise Pro Plugin your site speeded up and optimized by finding and compressing or fixes images which are bulky. This results in that your website runs faster, giving your visitors a better experience. The average time a persons gives a site before deciding to stay or leave is 3 seconds - so every millisecond we can shave off the loading time is to your benefit. 
With regular scans you are informed what can be improved and you can decide what actions you would like us to take.
TAC Website Backups

Backups Pro 

With the Backups Pro Plugin we can get your site backed-up right on schedule, ensuring your increasingly valuable online assist is safe and sound. 
A detail in the hosting of a website, but one we highly recommend so you can sleep snuggly knowing that if the proverbial poop hits the fan, you have back-ups.
T.A.C - The Amadreas Co.
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