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We make sure you are kept in the loop and taking the reins on your website.
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Monthly Reports

As part of our Power Package, which gives you the full arsenal of 8 power plugins, we get a monthly overview sent you. 

You simply open your email and within minutes have a good idea of how your website is doing. What is driving in traffic, what can be improved, a security update, how your site is performing, what the current speed is of your site, confirmation of when your site was last backed-up etc. 

The result being that you can make an educated decision what you want to prioritize as the most important thing to handle on your website or webshop. 
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Our Mantra

Keep it simple. 

Although running a website can be complicated, there is no reason to overwhelm you with unsorted information - and likewise there is no reason to keep you in the dark on what happens on your website. 
The balance lies in giving you an easy overview of all aspects of your website, with our recommendations of what should be done, so you are with in the process of bettering your site. 
This way, even if you do not wish to be involved in the details, you at the very least understand what is being done.

The Power Package 

Take look at what the Power Package consists of and thereby you get a good idea of what your monthly reports will keep you updated on. 

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