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We get you set up with a website tailored to your wishes and representing you right.
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Online Calling-Card

Getting your own website can be as simple as having your own online calling-card type website. This is a smaller site, usually consisting of 2-3 webpages. 
Having your own site puts you in control of your online representation and can direct traffic to your business, project or social media.

Portfolio Website

A portfolio-website  is what you could call an extension of a freelancer's or project's resume.
It usually consists of a couple of pages and adequate images and content to fully showcase your accomplishments and prior work. 

Great for referring to when potential clients show interest. 

Blog Website

A blog website is specifically tailored for you to be able to yourself easily post new content and stories daily or weekly. 
Whether you wish to blog for pleasure or as a career, your blog can be boosted with one of our Power Packages - strengthening your online presence.


Whether you are an painter, sculptur, photografer, home-decor designer or any other type of creator, having an online gallery where visitors can see your array of creations is a good idea. 

A gallery website is 90% images and how these are set-up helps your visitors keep browsing.

Project/ Non-Profit

Any project that wants to make a wide impact benefits from having a website to represent its cause, scope and work.

In addition to spreading the word, having a website adds legitimacy to the project and communicates that it is an established project.
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